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       As a registered Golden Retriever breeder for over 30 years, our family prides itself on raising exceptional family pets. Golden Retrievers are unlike other breeds in that they believe themselves to be a part of the family. We too share that mindset and work to provide families with the blessing that comes with being a golden owner. Our kennel only breeds Goldens with the sweet temperaments and good looks that meet the Golden Standard we have all come to love and expect in regards to our breed. The loyal and intelligent nature of Golden Retrievers is the reason our family knew they were the perfect dog to raise, and lends itself to being the perfect addition to your family. Our facility and home provides the care and love, as well of plenty of room to run that puppies need to become the best family pets they can be. Our dogs are all AKC registered, CERF certified (eyes), and OFA hip certified. In addition, our puppies leave at 8 weeks with all necessary shots, AKC paperwork, and state mandated forms you will need. Please feel free to browse the website for pictures of our animals, grounds, and upcoming litters!

Susan L. Duell
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